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Student PAWS | Starfish

The following are information regards the Starfish platform accessed via Student PAWS.

What is Starfish

Starfish is a communication platform that empowers the student in their educational journey.

Starfish Tools

With Starfish you can:

  • Know Your Grade: Find out how well you are doing in a class and how to improve your grade.
  • Raise Your Hand: Ask for additional support in financial aid, student affairs, coursework, etc.
  • Find Student Support: View specific services offered for a specific course or program.
  • Get Notified: Update your student profile to receive texts or emails regarding your courses.

How it Works

Faculty communicate with students by providing one of the following:

  • Kudos: This means the student is recognized for achievement.
  • Flag: This means the student is alerted to take action.
  • Referral: This means the student has been referred to a campus service.

Login Credentials

To access Starfish, log in to your PAWS account.

  • Go to the Colorado State University Pueblo website: www.csupueblo.edu
  • Click on the I AM A… in the upper right hand corner of the site.
  • Click on the Current Student from the dropdown that appears.
  • Click on the PAWS icon in the blue toolbar.
  • Click on the NetID Login (Preferred)
  • Via the Federated Authentication Service page, log in using your NetID and your NetID password.

Once you have logged into your PAWS account, you will see a Starfish Link. Click on the Starfish Link.

Starfish Contact Information

If you are having problems with your Starfish Account, please contact the Starfish team at: csup_starfish@csupueblo.edu.

Updated on December 1, 2022

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