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Blackboard | Install the Digital Accessibility Tool in Original Courses

YuJa Panorama is a digital accessibility platform that is installed in a browser and connected to Blackboard so that students can choose to see content in different formats for easier access.

About YuJa Panorama

YuJa Panorama is a digital accessibility platform that can be installed in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers and connected to Blackboard to provide alternative formats of course content to students.

Install the YuJa Panorama Browser Extension

YuJa Panorama recommends installing the browser extension only on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers for best performance.

In a Blackboard Original course, the YuJa Panorama tool can be accessed from the course menu. Instructors should have this tool listed under the Bb Student Tools section in the course menu as the Accessibility Tool.

A screenshot of the course menu of a Blackboard Original course with a blue arrow pointing to the Bb Student Tools section of the course, which is where the Accessibility Tool link can be found once it has been created by the instructor.

Students – If the tool is not visible in the course menu, reach out to your instructor about adding access to YuJa Panorama for accessibility.

As a student, if YuJa Panorama has not already been installed in the browser, complete the steps listed below to install, activate, and use YuJa Panorama to view alternative formats of course content.

  • Open a Blackboard course
  • In the course menu, click the “Accessibility Tool” link
  • In the new tab that opens, complete the three steps from YuJa Panorama to complete the installation and connection of the tool:
A screenshot of the steps from YuJa Panorama for installing the browser extension to the browser, connecting it to the Blackboard course, and enabling it to begin enhancing the accessibility of the LMS.
  1. Click the provided link to install the Panorama Browser Extension
  2. After installation of the browser extension is complete, click the provided button to connect the Browser Extension
  3. Receive the successfully connected message from Panorama before returning the the Blackboard course
A screenshot of the success screen users receive once the Panorama Browser Extension has been successfully connected to the browser and Blackboard.

Once the success message “Successfully connected to Panorama Browser Extension” appears, YuJa Panorama will be active in the browser, but the tool will need time to evaluate and process the content in the courses before it generates an accessibility assessment and alternative formats view.

Use YuJa Panorama

As the accessibility assessment of courses and course content becomes available, an icon of a person inside a circle will appear next to course content that has been analyzed by Panorama.

A screenshot of a module folder in a Blackboard Original course with a blue arrow pointing to the icon of a person inside of a circle next to a content item that indicates that YuJa Panorama is evaluating the accessibility of that content, providing an accessibility report, and options for alternative formats.

Clicking this icon opens the Alternative Formats Menu for the content item. Other available formats include text files, pdfs, immersive readers, epubs, braille, audio podcasts, language translations and more. More information on accessing the alternative formats is available here.

A screenshot of the Alternative Formats Menu from YuJa Panorama of a content item in a Blackboard course.

For assistance with installing the browser extension, contact the CSU Pueblo IT Help Desk https://www.csupueblo.edu/information-technology/index.html

For assistance with using YuJa Panorama to access alternative formats of course content, contact the YuJa Panorama User Support Team https://www.yuja.com/support/

Students – Getting Started with Panorama in Blackboard https://support.yuja.com/hc/en-us/articles/5527621367063-Getting-Started-with-Panorama-for-Students-in-Blackboard

Students – Accessing Alternative Formats https://support.yuja.com/hc/en-us/articles/5527621367063-Getting-Started-with-Panorama-for-Students-in-Blackboard#h_01HHMVR1Y4X049GRFCMR6RD1XY

YuJa Panorama Website https://www.yuja.com/panorama/

Updated on February 22, 2024

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