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Blackboard | Finding Courses in Terms

The following support article provides information to assist instructors on finding courses from previous semesters that have been assigned to terms in Blackboard’s Ultra Base Navigation.

Courses in Blackboard

To ensure proper storage capacity is retained for upcoming semesters, IT retains the last three years of courses in Blackboard. Courses from an entire academic year are purged annually over the summer to make room for the next academic year.

For courses within the last three years, these will be assigned to a term and made unavailable to students once a semester has ended. Terms are constructed based on the course type and the duration of the course as determined by the academic calendar.

Finding Terms and Courses

In Blackboard’s Ultra Base Navigation, terms can be accessed from the Courses tab. Next to Current Courses is a small downwards pointing arrow. Clicking this arrow opens a drop-down list of terms that the instructor has taught courses in.

A screenshot of the Courses tab in Blackboard's Ultra Base Navigation with a blue arrow pointing to the little drop-down arrow next to "Current Courses" and a blue box around some of the terms listed in the drop-down menu.

Click a term in the drop-down menu to view the list of courses that have been assigned to that term.

If you still don’t see a course from a semester that should be assigned to a specific term, check the filter option in the term for hidden courses. If you previously hid a course, it will still be marked as hidden in the term it was assigned to.

Term Naming Conventions

Terms are named according to the year, semester, and course type to accommodate different course durations. These naming conventions are similar to how course IDs are structured in Blackboard.

  • Courses with a 0 after the semester are resident instruction courses that may be in-person, online, or in a hybrid format
  • Courses with a 1 after the semester are Independent Study courses offered through the Division of Extended Studies
  • Courses with a 2 after the semester are from the Online Program offered through the Division of Extended Studies

Where duration of courses allows, some categories of courses have been combined into one term to cut down on the amount of terms.

For example: 23SUMMER02 currently contains resident instruction and online Extended Studies courses from the summer 2023 semester.

Changing Availability of Term-Assigned Courses

In some instances, it may be necessary to make a course available again. For example, a student might be completing an incomplete and needs access to the course.

To make the course available to the student again, instructors can manually adjust the duration of the course themselves by completing the following steps:

  • Open the course that has a duration that needs to be changed
  • In the left-hand sidebar of the course, scroll down the Course Management menu (1)
  • Click on Customization (2) to open its drop-down menu options
  • Click on Properties (3)
A screenshot of the sidebar of a Blackboard Original course with a blue arrow pointing to Course Management, a second blue arrow pointing to Customization, and a third blue arrow pointing to Properties.
  • In the screen that appears, scroll down to the options for SET COURSE DURATION (4)
  • To change the Duration from Use Term Duration to a different option, click the button to select either Continuous or Select Dates
  • If Select Dates is selected, enter an updated start and end date
A screenshot of the SET COURSE DURATION options in a Blackboard Original Course with a blue arrow pointing to the header and a second arrow pointing out where the Use Term Duration is selected and instructions on how to change the duration of the course.

After changing the duration, don’t forget to also check the availability of the course by clicking the lock icon if it is red.

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Updated on May 7, 2024

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