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Blackboard | Courses Tab in Ultra Base Navigation for Students

The following support article provides information for students on navigating the Courses tab of Ultra Base Navigation to find and organize courses. This article explores marking courses as a favorite, the meaning of Private courses, and finding courses from previous terms.

Mark Courses as Favorites

Marking a course as a favorite in the Courses tab will move it to the top of the course list under a section labeled Favorites. This makes courses from the current semester easier to find or courses that are frequently opened more accessible.

Courses can be marked as favorites from either the list or tile view of the course by clicking the star icon. If a course is marked as a favorite, this icon will be purple.

The Courses tab in Ultra Base Navigation with the Favorites section of courses highlighted with a blue circle and an arrow pointing to the purple star icon within a course to indicate that the course has been marked as a favorite.

By clicking the star icon a second time, the course will be unmarked as a favorite and will move down into the list of courses in alphabetical order.

Two course tiles with arrows pointing to the empty star icons that indicate that the courses have not been marked as favorites.

Private Courses

If a course is marked with a lock icon and labelled “Private,” students will not be able to access the course. When a private course is clicked by a student, they will receive an error message stating that “You can’t access this course right now. Your instructor will allow access when the course is ready. Please try again later.”

A screenshot of a course marked as private in Blackboard that displays the unavailable message the student receives when clicking on a locked course.

Here are the three common reasons why “Private” courses may be displaying in the Courses tab:

  1. The semester for the course has not started yet.
    • If the semester has not started yet, students will not have access to the course. If the semester has started and the course is still not available, please contact the instructor of the course.
  2. The instructor is updating or working on course.
    • An instructor can mark a course as unavailable temporarily if content in the course needs to be updated without affecting work being submitted in the course. If the course has become unavailable without communication from the instructor, please contact the instructor of the course.
  3. The semester for the course is over.
    • Courses remain available to students for a limited time after a semester has been completed. If a course from a previous semester is marked as Private, it is because it is no longer available to students.

View Courses from Prior Terms

Courses from previous semesters are moved to a separate Term in Blackboard on a regular basis so that they are no longer visible in the Current Courses tab.

Courses from the last three years are retained in Blackboard, with the oldest year of courses being archived and removed from Blackboard each summer.

To view courses from other terms, click the drop-down arrow next to Current Courses. This opens a drop-down menu of the previous terms currently available in Blackboard. Selecting one of these terms will display the relevant courses from only that semester.

A screenshot of the Current Courses tab in Blackboard Base Navigation with a blue arrow pointing to the drop-down arrow next to the words Current Courses that displays the drop-down list of terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I find a course I attended in Blackboard from more than three years ago?

Answer: To retain space in Blackboard for upcoming courses, CSU Pueblo only retains the last three years of courses within our production instance of Blackboard. Courses older than three years are archived to storage devices and removed from Blackboard every summer.

How can I access a course I attended in Blackboard from more than three years ago?

Answer: Courses that have been archived and removed from Blackboard will require permission from its instructor to restore the course. Please reach out to the instructor, and have them submit a support ticket to the IT Help Desk with the CRN and semester of the course you are looking for. Academic Technology staff will then temporarily restore the course.

Why do I still see courses from previous semesters in my Current Courses?

Answer: If courses from previous semesters are visible in the Current Courses list, this is because they have not yet been assigned to a Term. This processes is currently managed manually by Academic Technology staff. As a student, if the previous courses displaying is bothersome, it is recommended that students use the Favorite feature to organize courses.

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Updated on February 5, 2024

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