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Blackboard | Add NetTutor Tool Link

The following support article provides information for instructors on adding the NetTutor Online Tutoring tool link to a Blackboard Original Course.

What is NetTutor Online Tutoring?

In addition to the robust tutoring services offered directly through CSU Pueblo, students also have the option to use NetTutor to receive tutoring and course assistance. While separate from CSU Pueblo specific services, NetTutor provides online access to a Tutoring Center and Writing Center on a variety of class subjects. Students can submit work for review or join a live meeting session with a tutor immediately.

Add the NetTutor Tool to a Blackboard Course

If you do not see the NetTutor Tool in the sidebar menu of your Blackboard Original Course, then it will need to be added to the menu in order for students to access the resource.

To add this tool:

  • Navigate to the drop-down menu in the course sidebar by hovering your cursor over the icon of a plus sign inside of a circle (1)
  • Click the option for Tool Link (2)
A screenshot of the sidebar menu of a Blackboard Original Course with a blue arrow pointing to the icon of a plus sign inside a circle and a second arrow pointing to the option for Tool Link.
  • In the Name field, enter NetTutor Online Tutoring
  • From the Type list, select NetTutor Online Tutoring
  • Click the checkbox to make the item available to users
  • Click submit

This will add a link to the NetTutor Online Tutoring Service to the sidebar menu of your course. To assist students in finding the resource, click and drag the menu item so that it appears next to other tutoring services.

A screenshot of the sidebar menu of a Blackboard Original Course with an arrow pointing from the newly created tool link to where the link should be moved within the course menu.

NetTutor Website https://www.nettutor.com/

NetTutor Guide – Introduction to NetTutor https://www.nettutor.com/resources/informational/Introduction_to_NetTutor_Booklet_2020.pdf

CSU Pueblo Tutoring Services https://www.csupueblo.edu/tutoring-services/

CSU Pueblo IT Help Desk https://www.csupueblo.edu/information-technology/index.html

CSU Pueblo Educational Technology https://www.csupueblo.edu/information-technology/services-and-systems/instructional.html

Updated on April 22, 2024

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